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Everything you need to know about wind chimes.

Everything you need to know about wind chimes.

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What is a wind chime?

Wind chimes are an arrangement of shells or small decorative shapes of metal or wood that hang from pieces of wires or string and make a gentle noise when moved by the wind.

Wind chimes can be made from metal, glass, plastic, wood or combination of them and even other materials. Many of us love wind chimes because of the pleasant sounds that they make and the calming effect it has on us. Bell wind chimes and garden wind chimes are the most popular wind chimes used for decoration by people.

History of Wind Chime

Wind chimes have been a part of human culture for a very long time. Archeologists have found early wind chimes which are thousands of years old. The bells, made from pottery, first appeared in China in the 3rd Millennium BC. Soon, the casting techniques started to be applied into metal. With improvements in the process, wind chimes became more ornate and symbolic and soon they found their way into Chinese culture & religion. At the same time, in ancient Rome wind bells known as Tintinnabulum were also found which were usually made of bronze and found in a phallus shape.

From China the wind bells spread into Japan, and Japanese quickly made it a part of their culture. In the 18th century with the advent of Dutch glassmaking techniques spreading into Japan, it started a trend of Japanese creating beautifully sounding glassbells which could be intricately painted and are popular to this day.

Soon, the wind chimes spread throughout the world and modern tubular wind chimes first appeared in the 19th century. They were used by orchestras to mimic the bells used in churches. As the 70s and 80s rolled around, wind chimes began to be mass produced thanks to the rise in computer controlled machinery.

Significance of wind chimes.

Over the course of history, the wind chime has found its way into various cultures. From its early invention to the modern times, wind chimes have signified a variety of meanings. Different cultures have placed different kinds of importance on wind chimes. Let’s take a look at what significance wind chimes have held over the years.

  1. Warding away birds
    In the early days, chimes were crafted out of bamboo, shells, bone, or wood. Many people believe more than likely the purpose of early wind chimes was less to make pleasant sounds and more to produce anything with the wind.
  2. Warding off evil spirits
    Wind chimes are believed to ward off evil spirits and garner the peaceful ones. They have also been used for purifying and enhancing energy within a certain area. It is the reason why they were hung in temples, pagodas where people could meditate, and experience calmness
  3. Weather and disease warning system
    The Japanese used to believe that diseases and epidemics used to spread through the wind, and they used wind chimes to detect changes in the flow of wind. In the early times, before the development of technology wind chimes were used to detect changes in the weather.
  4. Wealth & prestige
    As wind chimes started to become more ornate, it started to signify the wealth & prestige its owners held.

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