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Some common mistakes to avoid while installing a flagpole.


Some common mistakes to avoid while installing a flagpole.

- Affordable Flag | Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

Flagpoles are simply a pole which is used to display flags. Flagpoles are also known as a flagstaff. Flag poles are a great way of displaying pride for any specific group, state, or country.

The major challenge for flagpoles is the ability to handle the elements. They should be installed with the help of specialized technicians which is available in Affordable flags and fireworks, INC, Colorado. We also provide the best quality flags and flagpoles. If you want professional flagpole installation service then Affordable flags and fireworks, INC, Colorado is always there for you.

For your Flagpole installation costs our team is always on the line to give you an estimate on how much the overall charge is going to be. When choosing flagpoles to get installed you must be aware of some common mistakes one might make. Some of mistakes to avoid while installing a flagpole are given below:-

First of all the quality of the flagpole, you chose, is essential. As it must be durable and the size must be according to your needs. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal used while making flagpoles. Flagpoles made with anodized aluminum are recommended due to the metal being highly resistant to rust or scratching. Whereas, fiberglass is also one of the options as it handles a much higher wind load. Steel pools are generally used if the height of the pool is very tall, steel pools are heavy and require highly skilled manpower so it is not preferred much. The next thing you must be clear about is the size of the flagpole. There is no specification that the size must be of certain heights. The most common sizes of homeowner poles are 20 and 25 feet tall but it differs according to people. It would be better if you would consult about the desired height of the pole you want or the height it should be with the licensed and certified flag and flagpoles service providing companies. Poor location is also one of the mistakes people make while installing a flagpole As the climate keeps on changing especially on windy days, installing a flagpole near trees, powerlines may cause damage to them. Choosing the right base is also an important decision to take by the homeowners. Also making sure the flagpole does not have an unsteady or wobbly base is very important.

One must be careful while installing a flagpole so it does not get scratched or dented or bent until it’s ready to raise. So it must be wrapped in its packaging properly. The flagpole is not just a one-piece. It has various other parts to arrange and the pieces must be assembled before setting the flagpole in the hole and make sure you don’t miss a part and make sure that poor installation is not done.


Flagpoles installation service at Affordable Flags

There may be various flagpole installation companies you can find but AFFORDABLE FLAGS AND FIREWORKS, INC can guarantee you the best services and the best quality flagpoles at affordable prices. If you have any queries about flagpole installation do CALL US TODAY and let us help you meet your flagpole needs.

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