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Flags and flagpoles: Parts and their Terminologies

Flags and flagpoles: Parts and their Terminologies

- Affordable Flag | Friday, April 8th, 2022

Sometimes, it turns out really annoying and confusing to explain different parts of flags or flagpoles to everyone. Because of language differences, the process might turn out more chaotic. To avoid this situation, it is very important to know the basic terms that define the nomenclature in flag business. Here, Affordable Flags has a brief guide of flag and flagpole terminologies to have a better understanding of the flag world.

Terminologies in Flags

  • Header– Canvas strip made of fabric at the hoist side of the flag
  • Grommet – Ring of brass to cling flag to flagpole
  • D-Ring – For larger flags as replacement of grommets
  • Pole Sleeve – Sleeve with an opening at the top for ornaments. Applicable on indoor flags, outdoor decorative flags, custom flags and guidons. size of the sleeve = 2x diameter of the pole
  • Nylon – Lightweight and versatile flag material, made for outdoor use
  • Polyester – Flag material with looks and feels like cotton, the most durable material for flags of the United States.
  • Koralex – One of the branded polyester material
  • G-Spec – US flags manufactured as per government specifications.
  • Vexillology – The study of flags, their history, meanings and symbolism
  • Canton – The blue area present on the US flag
  • Hoist – Pole side of a flag/The act of raising a flag on a pole
  • Fly End – The end of the flag that flies freely in wind direction

Terminologies in Flagpoles

  • Ball, Eagle – Different Ornaments to be placed at the top of flagpole
  • Truck– The device at the top of an outdoor pole with an ornament mounted that houses the pulley wheel. It is used in the process of flagpole installation in-ground poles only
  • Halyard – Other name of rope where the flag is attached to on an in-ground flagpole to assist the flag to raise and lower
  • Cleat – Part of the flagpole with the rope (halyard) tied on an external halyard flagpole
  • Weight/Counterweight – A component of an internal halyard flagpole which is attached to the end of the rope or cable to keep the flag taught (tight)
  • Retainer Ring – Cable strung with nylon beads used to secure the bottom of the flag to an internal halyard flagpole.
  • Cam Cleat – A type of internal halyard flagpoles using a cam cleat secured to house the rope to raise and lower the flag by a locked door
  • Snap Hook – The component with help of which the flag is attached to the rope (halyard) on a flagpole
  • Snap Hook Cover – Covers a snap hook to prevent metal hitting metal and making loud noises
  • Flash Collar – A decorative cover used at the base of an in-ground flagpole to deflect drainage away from the foundation of the flagpole
  • Half-Staff – The flag is positioned halfway up on the flagpole during mourning

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