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How to choose the right residential in-ground pole that can withstand winds?


How to choose the right residential in-ground pole that can withstand winds?

- Affordable Flag | Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Flagpoles are the poles in which flags are displayed. There are a lot of residential and commercial flagpoles options to choose from such as aluminum flagpoles, fiber flagpoles, telescoping flagpoles, and many more. And many companies to choose from for Flagpole Installation, Flagpole Maintenance, and Flagpole Repair well the best option is Affordable flags and fireworks, INC.


Things to consider before residential flagpole selection

There are various things that should be considered while selecting in-ground poles.
In-ground flagpoles are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass as they are more durable and can withstand wind. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal used while making flagpoles. Flagpoles made with anodized aluminum are recommended due to the metal being highly resistant to rust or scratching. The best flagpole for high windswould be fiberglass as it handles a much higher wind load. The wall thickness of the flagpole is the major factor in determining how strong a flagpole is, and how susceptible to wind it is.

The next thing you must be clear about is the size of the flagpole. As the size of the flagpole results in the size of the flag and the flag depends on the flagpole in some aspects. There is no specification that the size must be of certain heights.

Choosing the wrong location for residential flagpole installation is one of the mistakes people make. The climate keeps on changing especially on windy days and installing a flagpole near trees, powerlines may cause damage to them. So, Choosing is the right base is also an important decision to take by the homeowners. Also making sure the flagpole does not have an unsteady or wobbly base is very important as it must be sturdy to withstand the high winds. Make sure that you get trained labor to install the flagpole and you must be careful as the flagpole doesn’t come in one piece the parts must be attached properly and make sure that they assemble all the parts correctly and tightly without getting the flagpole scratched or dented or bent until it’s ready to raise.


Best in-ground flagpoles from Affordable Flags.

Proper installation is the key to a sturdy in-ground pole. If you need residential flagpole installation, maintenance and repair services, then Affordable flags and fireworks, INC is the right option to go for. We are a licensed and certified company providing affordable flags, flagpoles, flagpole installation, maintenance, and repair service at an affordable price and good quality with the most trustworthy flagpole experts. Do contact us if you have any query related to installments or maintenance services, we will provide you with the right residential in-ground pools that can withstand the harsh weather conditions all year round.

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