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Colorado is a constituent state of the United States of America with worlds largest silver nuggets. Even Though only about half of its area lies in the Rocky Mountains, it is named as one of the Mountain states. On August 1, 1876, Colorado was admitted as the 38th state to the Union.

Colorado has an easily recognizable distinct flag design like many of the Western states. It has a large and visible C that stands for the state name. The name originated from the Spanish word colorado which means ‘red’. The C also stands for state flower ‘columbine’ and nickname of the state ‘Centennial State’. The letter’s significance was chosen in 1876 when Colorado became a state with its centennial of independence.

The Colorado flag has vibrant colors, each of them representing a different part of Colorado’s natural landscape. The blue stripes represent the gorgeous Colorado skies and the white reflects the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The golden circle stands for our bright, Colorado sunshine, and the red C that it’s wrapped in signifies the red rocks and earth that are so iconic to our state.

The color combination of red, white and blue of the Colorado flag greatly resembles the US flag along with blue, yellow and white of the columbine. Colorado has extensive deposits of gold and silver which brought many early settlers to the territory and are still mined. The phenomena is reflected in yellow and white color placement in the flag. The flag had been designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson and was approved in 1911. The present formation of the flag was made effective by law on March 31, 1964.