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Maine is a constituent state of the United States of America being the only state having one syllable name. The state is located at the northeastern corner of the country. It has a total area of 2300 square miles of inland water that is approximately half of New England. The boundary extends Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick to the northeast, New Hampshire to the west. The state has a rocky coastline angled from southwest to northeast along the Atlantic Ocean. Maine became part of the Union on March 15, 1820. It is the 23rd state of the US.

Maine was a district of Massachusetts until 1820. The symbols were highly influenced or based on this administrative state. The inclusion of pine tree was adopted from the Massachusetts naval flag in April 1776 which was featured prominently in the coat of arms of Maine when it became a state. Pine trees had great significance in the early economy of the area as it was widely used in the shipbuilding industry back then.

On March 21, 1901, a flag design with a pine tree and the North Star on a light tan background was adopted. As Maine was the northernmost state for many years, the inclusion of the star was a much fitted symbol. In February 1909, the current state flag was adopted with a moose-and-pine-tree emblem upon the shield supported by a farmer and a sailor as well as a ribbon below bearing the state name and North Star above with Latin motto “Dirigo” meaning “I direct” at the coat of arms. Maine also has a naval flag featuring white background with a green pine tree with resemblance to Massachusetts.