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Nebraska is a constituent state of the United States of America with the nickname of ‘Tree Planter’s State’. The state has 37th position on admission to the union on March 1, 1867. The border of the state extends South Dakota to the north, Iowa and Missouri to the east, Kansas to the south and Wyoming to the west.

On March 28, 1925, Nebraska adopted its official flag at the last among the 48 contiguous states of the union. Later, Mrs. B.C. Miller even wrote the song “The Flag Song of Nebraska” as a promotion of the flag design. The design central seal was adopted by Issac Wiles which was officially approved in 1867 at the time of state formation. Nebraska has limited seal colors confined within gold, silver and blue which is not widely in practice for other state flags with naturalistic coloring at the seals for intention on vehicle identification or stationary.

The seal on the state flag has the inclusion of Missouri River with a steam boat, a settler’s cabin bounded by wheat sheaves and growing corn, a blacksmith with hammer and anvil at the foreground and a railroad train heading toward west of Nebraska approaching Rocky Mountains in the background. The motto “Equality before law” has reference to right of all the citizens in the public land as well as at that time of adoption, the seal was also referred as the abolition of slavery.

The flag state banner was designated by the flag law of 1925 which was differentiated to the state flag. Later, the banner flag was raised to the status of the state flag by the legislature in 1963 as per the strict reading of the law.