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New Hampshire is a constituent state of the United States of America with the entire state made up by the prison inmates with the slogan of “Live free or Die”. The state is one of the 13 original US states. The state is located at the extreme northeast corner of the country whose border extends the Canadian province of Quebec to the north, Maine and 16 mile stretch of Atlantic Ocean to the east, Massachusetts to the south and Vermont to the west.

The history of the flag for New Hampshire had an iconic seal that was first adopted following the Revolutionary War in 1784. A regulation was formulated by the legislature on December 28, 1792 that made it compulsory to carry the national flag and regimental colors displaying the seal in the state militia.The adoption of the state flag for general purpose was delayed for more than a century. In 1909, the flag law proposed a blue background with the placement of the seal at the center along with the frame by a wreath of laurel with nine stars demonstrating the rank of New Hampshire as the ninth state to abide by the US constitution.

The seal was slightly changed in 1931 featuring the frigate Raleigh being constructed at Portsmouth. The seal shows the ship flying flags that were not adopted until 1777 although the ship construction was finished in1776. The state of New Hampshire has possessed two seals since its independence from Great Britain on January 5, 1776. While both seals have been retained, as only one of them was generalized in practice, most people are only familiar with the Great Seal due to its corporate utility.