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Oregon is a constituent state of the United States of America which is well known by its nickname ‘Beaver State’. The border of Oregon extends Washington state to the north, Idaho to the east, Nevada and California to the south and Pacific Ocean to the west. The state ranks the 33rd position in admission to the union on the day of February 14, 1859.

The flags with differentiated designs at the obverse and the reverse side based on the military colors of local militia were in practice on a number of US state flags. But, the complexity and expense in flag design gradually replaced those with simpler banners. Oregon now has become the only state with such flag design i.e. distinctive on both sides.

On February 26, 1925, the Oregon state flag was made official. The design had additional features like name of the state as ‘State of Oregon’ above the state seal and the date of admission to the union ‘1859’ below the seal all placed upon the dark blue background where the emblem was featured in golden yellow on the obverse side as well as the golden yellow beaver i.e. rare rodents native to North America at the reverse. The seal had representation of the pacific ocean with the ship, mountains,symbol of architecture as well as a pioneer covered wagon with the phrase “The Union ”. The inclusion of the 33 stars around the outline of the banner shield represents the admission rank of the state to the union. On the reverse side, there exists the beaver emblem to correspond the importance of animals to hunters in the Pacific Northwest.