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Pennsylvania is a constituent state of the United States of America with the official recognition as Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is one of the original 13 states of the Union. The state is stretched about 480 km from east to west and 240 km from north to south forming an approximate rectangular shape. The boundary of Pennsylvania extends Lake Erie and New York to the north, New York and New Jersey to the east, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia to the south and the panhandle of WestVirginia and Ohio to the west.

A seal bearing the coat of arms was created in 1777 which is found in the current state flag.
On April 9, 1799, the use of coat of arms on a flag for the state militia was authorized by the Pennsylvania legislature and different flag variations were in practice in the 19th century. The current flag was approved by legislature on June 13, 1907 as a state flag for nonmilitary purposes.

The coat of arms in the flag has ship and wheat sheaves with the reference of the municipal seal of Philadelphia, the plow which resembles earlier coat of arms of Chester country, the wreath of corn and olives and the horses in harness representing agriculture and commerce. The inscription of the state motto “Virtue, liberty and independence” is included on the ribbon below the arms. The flag has a blue background whereas the standard of the Pennsylvania governor employs the background of white.