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Rhode Island is the constituent state of the United States of America officially dictated as The State of Rhode Island. The state is one of the pioneer 13 states of the union as well as one of the six New England states. The boundary of Rhode Island extends Massachusetts to the north and east, Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound of the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Connecticut to the west. It is the smallest state in the US.

The state legislature of Rhode Island acknowledged an anchor for the colonial seal in 1647. Later in 1664 the inscription of the motto “Hope” was added. Those symbols were derived from the military flags of the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. The simplified anchor flag might have been used in ships of the state by the early 19th century.

On March 30, 1887, the first non military state flag was adopted. The flag had white background in association to the facings on state militia uniforms worn at the time of revolution. Rocco styled anchor and motto were in practice which were encircled by blue stars to reciprocate the representation of the number of states in the union.The flag was made further simple with new designs on February 1, 1882 allocating blue field with yellow anchor encircled by a ring of 13 yellow stars representing rank of the state in ratifying in US Constitution. The current flag was substituted on May 19, 1897. The flag consists of white background with the state coat of arms including a yellow anchor and blue ribbon with inscripted motto “HOPE” surrounded by 13 yellow stars.