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Tennessee is a constituent state of the United States of America which is the ultimate geographic creation of Earthquake. The state lies in the upper south of the eastern region of the US with the highest number of borders. The state extends from the Appalachian Mountain boundary with North Caroline in the east to the Mississippi river border with Missouri and Arkansas in the west. At north, it borders Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia and Alabama and at south it has Mississippi. The state ranks as the 16th state to be addressed to the union in 1796.

The state legislature was submitted with an order of transforming the flag to Stars and Bars from the substitution of Tennessee seal for circle of stars in the Confederate national flag during the Civil War of 1861-1865. This motion was not put up for the action. Then, in 1897, the first official flag of the state was adopted. The flag was designed with diagonal stripes of alternate red-blue-white along with the yellow inscription “The Volunteer State” which is the state nickname. The number 16 included on the flag adjourns the admission of Tennessee to statehood.

On April 17, 1905, the design created by Captain LeRoy Reeves belonging to the Tennessee Infantry was adopted with the three stripes and three stars patterns which is also the current flag design. The designer referred to those stripes as ‘the three grand divisions of the state’ which are assumed to be lowland regions of the west, the central plateaus and the Appalachian areas. The other assumptions were also presented as the representation of three presidents who lived in Tennessee, Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson. Some even interpreted it as the third rank of Tennessee in joining the union after the original 13. The color in Stars and Stripes corresponds to the Stars and Bars. Tennessee and Arkansas are the states with flags of red background.