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Wisconsin is a constituent state of the United States of America with the nickname of “The Badger State ”. On May 29, 1848, the state became a part of the union as the 30th state. The boundary of Wisconsin extends the western portion of Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, the state of Illinois to the south and Minnesota and Iowa to the west.

Wisconsin officially validated a flag with blue field consisting of the state coat of arms on the obverse side and the national arms on the reverse on March 25, 1863. In the next revision of the flag design on April 29, 1913, the Wiscosin arms were on both sides. The flag design was much familiar to the flags of other states as a resemblance of a popular American design pattern which included a central state emblem in a blue field. The flag design was further modified on May 14, 1980 with the name of the state added above arms and date of the Union adoption of the state 1848 added below it.

The inclusion of the coat of arms of the present flag design dates from 1881 which was adopted just 30 years earlier. The design has a national shield in the center with the US motto “E pluribus unum” which means “One out of many”; surrounded by occupation from the 19th century i.e. farming, mining, manufacturing and shipping. The shield is supported by a miner and a sailor with a crest presenting “the Badger State” a nickname by early miners of the state living in mine shafts or badger holes. The state motto “Forward” is inscribed above the badger crest in a scroll below which are cornucopia and a pyramid of triangle symbolizing ingots of lead.