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What are the different types of wind chimes?


What are the different types of wind chimes?

- Affordable Flag | Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

There is something magical about the sounds produced by the wind chime. Whether it be a wind chime you have hung in your room or the new garden wind chime that you made by yourself recently you can’t deny at some point in your life you have enjoyed the melody, the calming sound produced by a wind chime.

Types of Wind Chimes

The main  types of wind chimes are given below:

  • Classic wind chimes: Classic wind chimes are designed to create musical harmony in the slightest of breeze. These wind chimes are created keeping the market in mind. Therefore, it offers flavors and a musical atmosphere of the country it is going to be marketed in.
  • Woodstock wind chimes: Woodstock wind chime brings out the best music, it is very possible you will hear a familiar tone of ting-ting-ting streaming through your home. It brings out an attractive or seductive look and glamor to the house by the unparalleled beauty of woods.
  • Bamboo wind chimes: Bamboo wind chimes produce the relaxing sound that no other wind chime can produce. Thanks to their hollow, long nature, when it makes a sound it creates a relaxing environment for everyone to cherish.
  • Bell wind chimes: Bell wind chimes as their names suggest include bells in their design. The bell wind chimes look beautiful and make a tinkling sound whenever wind blows on them.
  • Feng Shui wind chimes: Feng shui wind chimes are believed to create a positive environment around you. This wind chime dates back many centuries and is popular to this day.


How to make unique wind chimes?

The greatest advantage of a wind chime is that almost anything can be used to make a wind chime, until you like the sound it makes. There is no hard and fast rule while making your own unique design wind chime.

Materials needed to make unique wind chimes:

  • The chimes: Almost any material can be made into a chime. You don’t need a wide range of chimes, the only thing that matters is what level of sound you want from the final creation.
  • Base: A base from which your chimes will hang can be a household item or something you find in your flea market. The shape of the base totally depends on you, for example it can be round allowing chimes to sway in every direction.
  • Striker: Many wind chimes consist of a striker. A striker is usually a big round disc of some sort that is easy for the chimes surrounding it to hit.
  • The string: For the string to hang your chimes, fishing wires are the best. You can also use twine, rope, chains, etc. as well.
  • Drill and other supplies: You will require a drill or other tools to create holes for hanging your chimes.
  • Decorators (optional): You can use decorators like bells or beads to add to your chimes depending on your preferences.

Imagination: your greatest ally

While making unique wind chimes, the more creative you get the more original and interesting the final result will be. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try something different, add your own flair to the wind chime. Make it unique just like every individual is, let your imagination run wild, it is only when we break the barriers of our thoughts that we can start to create something unique.

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