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What is a telescoping flagpole?


What is a telescoping flagpole?

- Affordable Flag | Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Flagpoles are the poles in which flags are displayed. There are various types of flagpole residential, commercial, telescoping, and many more. Telescoping flagpoles are the most preferred flagpoles made of the thickest and strongest aluminum available in the market. They are made of 10 gauge 100 % aircraft-grade aluminum for super strength yet lightweight.


Parts on telescoping flagpoles

Telescoping flagpoles contain various parts as you already kind of idea about and is very similar to components of traditional flagpole which includes:-

  • Ball/eagle– which is placed on the top as an ornament.
  • Pole – which has an interlocking sleeve mechanism which makes it easily adjustable in size according to need.
  • Ground sleeve – which is in-ground for your flagpole to slip in and makes the flagpole secure makes sure that the flagpole stays in place.
  • Flash collar – which is a decorative accessory which helps in covering the exposed and unexposed section of the pole.
  • Side mount – it helps you to attach your flagpole and which allows you to attach it to the side of a building, bout deck, or other strong vertical location.
  • Swivel ring clips – as telescoping flagpoles do not contain ropes which tangle during the wind instead have swivel ring clips which makes it easier to hang the flag and lets the flag fly in every direction.

As discussed before the telescoping flagpole maintenance is easy as for raising and lowering, it doesn’t use ropes like traditional flagpoles do so it doesn’t tangle. It has 360 degrees rotating collars with stainless steel clip so flags fly freely without snarling no matter which way the wind blows your flag goes. The double harness on the flagpole lets you fly two flags at once or fly a flag at half mast. It also has a dual locking pin to prevent accidental collapse. Also to prevent theft, there is an all aluminum locking round sleeve that makes installation a breeze. It is portable and great for tailgating parties, campgrounds, RVS race events, vacation homes, and more. They are available from 15 ft to 30 ft and are made in the USA with the best material.

Instruction on telescoping flagpoles

Telescoping flagpoles have the ability to easily move the flagpole, change the flag, and even the flag positions quickly. If you don’t like the traditional idea to operate with a pulley system as it is time consuming and has costly repairs as well, a telescoping flagpole is the best option. Advantages of telescoping flagpole are:-

  • Easy setup: Traditional flagpole installation can be a hassle which usually requires professionals to be there for installation whereas installation of the telescoping flagpole is really simpler comparatively. You can set up the ground sleeve according to the easy-to-follow instructions and you can insert the pole with the flags. You can easily setup your flagpole using telescoping flagpole set up instruction provided with the flagpole.
  • Adjustable height: Traditional flagpoles are available only in some specific heights whereas in telescoping flagpoles we can easily change the flags, change the topper, and even clean the pole if required all you need to do is unextend the pole sections down, and after you have done what you needed to, extend the pole back up in just some minutes.
  • Can withstand wind: As you know traditional flagpoles contain ropes and work in a pulley system and when it’s windy season the pole gets messed up as the ropes and the flags get tangled, so you have to pull the rope loose and fix it all. But you should not go through if you have telescoping flagpoles as they do not have ropes instead they have clips which makes the flag attachment easier and less time-consuming and the flag can rotate around the pole and is easy to maintain as well. The joints of the telescoping flagpole sections allow for the pole to have some give during heavy winds which promote the flagpole to work with the wind rather than against it.
  • Easy storage: Traditional flagpoles once installed cannot be taken down whenever you want. Only flags can be taken down but the telescoping flagpole allows the owners to bring it in and is easy to store as the process of taking down the flag and pole is simple. All you have to do is twist and drop each section, making sure to unclip the flag before dropping the top section. Then, you can lift the shortened pole out of the ground sleeve and take it to safety inside. It’s easy enough that good instruction can do. You can easily store it when you are away from your home.
  • Portable: As it is easy to unclip and store a telescoping flagpole, it makes it easier to carry it around while you are on vacation, camping, and other occasions as well. It is foldable and easy to carry around if required.

They have even many more advantages. Its cost is really at an affordable range and can differ if you want to install it yourself or want a professional service provider.

Choosing a push-button telescoping flagpole over the traditional ones is a good decision to make as it is more reliable and low maintenance. If you want to purchase and install the best quality telescoping flagpoles then Affordable flags and fireworks, INC, Colorado is the best option for you. We are a licensed and certified company providing flags, flagpoles, flagpole installation, maintenance, and repair service at an affordable price and good quality with the most trustworthy installers and service providers. Do contact us if you have any queries related to the flag pole and its installment, maintenance, and service, we will surely meet your expectations and provide you with the best quality telescoping flagpole at an affordable price .

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