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Oklahoma is a constituent state of the United States of America which is also a part of ‘Tornado alley’. It is ranked as 46th state to get admitted to the union in 1907. The border of Oklahoma extends Colorado and Kansas to the north, Missouri and Arkansas to the east, Texas to the south and west and New Mexico to the west of the Panhandle region.

In 1911, Oklahoma adopted its first official state flag. The flag had a red background which referred to the Native American population. The central white-and-blue star along with number 46 referred the admission rank of Oklahoma to the union as 46th state. The flag has much resemblance to the communist banner which bought the opposition from some citizens, notably the adjutant general of the state.

On April 2, 1925, a new flag was adopted which consisted of a blue field consisting of the traditional bison-hide shield of the Osage Indians. The flag was developed by Louise Funk Fluke based on suggestions from Joseph Thoburn of Oklahoma Historical Society. The blue background of the design expressed loyalty and devotion and the shield presented defence of the state. The shield has got small crosses with reference to stars as in common Native American art. The olive branch and the calumet were placed as a symbol of peace for whites and Native Americans respectively.

Further, the name of the state was added to the background of the original flag on May 9, 1941.
The color shades were clearly specified by the legislature of Oklahoma on November 1, 1988.
The current design is observed as a bluefield with bison-hide shield including an olive branch and a calumet also known as Native American peace pipe below which is the inscription of state name in white letters.